NEWS – July 25, 2020

The Actors Repertoire is now offering a 40 minute Introductory call on Zoom Saturday mornings at 10 am! Meet with us and discover how the Actors Repertoire strategy can develop your career. It doesn’t matter where you live or what you are currently doing, we can help outline your path and get you on your way to more connections and credits!  Sign up by entering your email!

NEWS  – January 2, 2019

Wow!  Its 2019 already!

Have you hit the ground running with places to go, people to see and things to learn?  How much acting will you have done by end of January?  Found an agent? Performed in a play? Gotten your new headshots?

Are you working without a strategy? Do you have a plan you can follow to make progress each day? Are you struggling to “make it happen?”

Had enough questions about how to get things done and set your career in motion and looking for timeless, universal answers?

The answers for how to proceed and develop a long lasting focus that will guide your career development are available!

Remember, we don’t teach Acting Techniques or give Business Advice, the Course is a self study, 40 minute video presentation on developing your Acting Repertoire that will propel you forward.

NOW is a great time to start and get an action plan!Have questions about whether the Course is right for you? Email us at  We can help you decide if its right for you and how to move forward.

Break a leg in 2019!

NEWS – December 6, 2018

2018 is ending in just a few weeks.

As you go off to celebrate the holidays with friends and family, will you be taking back good news about your Acting Career and the progress you’ve been making and the success you’ve had this year? Or, will you be reporting back with the daily frustrations of making a living while pursuing your Acting Career? Will you be looking to others to encourage you to continue with your dreams? Or, will you have a strategy that you know will lead you in the right direction to achieve your goals?

Don’t wish for a career! Work the strategy! The Course is a solid, timely plan that guides you through all four seasons of the year with a purpose.  Your credits and community will flourish and those magical moments and opportunities you see happening for others will be happening for you as well.  You won’t need encouragement or motivation to keep you going, your plan will outline steps that will keep you engaged.

NOW is a great time to invest in your career.  If money at the holidays is an issue for you,  make it a priority to invest in yourself and your future. One of the benefits of the course is a budget and schedule that you can immediately put to work, regardless of how much time or money you may have right now and it starts with free and low cost options to generate the momentum your career needs.

Make 2018 the year you turned the corner and got started on a plan for your Acting future or contact us at with any questions.

NEWS  – November 19, 2018

We are getting close to the end of 2018! Only six more weeks until 2019!

Has this been your breakthrough year?

Did you achieve your big goals? Get the role you wanted?The Agent you wanted to meet? Get cast on a series? Build your credits or meet a great Acting Teacher or Coach? Join a local theater workshop?

Have your friends and family see you perform this year?

Did you have a strategy that helped you achieve these goals? Could you repeat that strategy in 2019 and get better results?Are you looking for a viable way to build your Credits and Community to achieve your goals for next year?

Get a headstart on 2019, by making these changes and applying this strategy for December and get your 2019 off to a great start.

Redirect your Acting Career NOW and order the Actors Repertoire!

NEWS – October 2018

Last month, we discussed the problem of getting advice for your career.

Most Actors do it backwards, asking for guidance without Credits and Community. The best advice comes from your Community and the Credits you’ve built as a marker of your abilities. The Actors Repertoire is the way to build those Credits and get the business guidance from the Community you need to move forward. Invest in The Course NOW to learn how it works!

NEWS- September 2018

Are you wondering how to get the advice to build your Acting Career?

One of the things you learn from The Course is that advice comes AFTER you have built your Credits and Community. When the Acting Community KNOWS you as an Actor, not by your day job, but people know you are one of them, the business advice is geared towards who you are as an Actor and not general advice that is hard to follow. This is a crucial difference in your ability to move your career forward. Its not WHO you know, but WHO knows YOU and what do they think of your credits and abilities? The Course provides the answers on how to develop your Credits and Community NOW.

NEWS – August 24, 2018

Want to learn more about the Course?

Send us an email that includes your phone number and a staff member will call to ask a few, brief questions to determine if the Course is right for you and explain how you will benefit.

Its only about 5 minutes to get your questions answered and share what we are about! Give it a try!

Email us at

NEWS – August 18, 2018

Have you found us on Twitter yet?  We are here:

NEWS  – August 2018

August is the last month of summer. Only a short time left to master summer sports! Did you sign up for a new course this summer? Perform in a Play? Meet an Agent or Casting Director who “gets you” and wants to work with you?

This is the time to take the Course, get on track and get some accomplishments and credits to end your year. Fall is short, but a good time to get ready for Holiday Shows and other great opportunities. Check out the video and get on Course today!

Click here and order the Course today!

NEWS – July 2018

Another month of 2018 is gone. How is your career going? Are things improving or are you in need of guidance and a practical plan? We have answers that your other performers and working professionals are using daily.

Are you one of them? Would you like to know their secrets of developing their careers? Answers can be found here. Consider taking the Course this month and making progress!

Click here to order the Course! Its easy and you can start right away!

NEWS – June 2018

Summer is heating up! Lots of Tv shows and Movies are now in full swing. College Students have graduated and are moving to LA and NY to pursue their Acting Careers. Many of them are Drama School Graduates who are leaving college armed with the Conversational, Physical, Reading, Learning and Performing Credits that will create and boost their careers.

Are you missing this vital information? Now is a good time to create your own Repertoire and get on your own unique path!

Click here to purchase The Actors’ Repertoire Course!

NEWS – May 2018

Since our launch, we have met some great up and coming Actors who have committed to the Course, wrote their statements, and found the strategy and worksheets have helped find the clarity and direction their Acting Career has needed.

Feeling like 2018 is passing you by without a consistent way to make progress? We can help with that. Sure, there is a cost involved, but its an Investment in your Career that has long term implications for where you go, who you meet and how you manage to raise your Career from unknown to Actor!

Why should you do it? Because you know you want to be an Actor, if only you knew how… we have the how! Get on board, this month!

Click here to get committed and order the Course!

NEWS – April 2018

We are launched!

The Actors’ Repertoire is now ready to guide you, the up and coming Actor into new territory with a strategy, worksheets and statement that will propel you forward!

Now is the time to sign up, get committed and make progress consistently every year!

Click here to purchase The Actors’ Repertoire Course!