The Course is 40 minutes and is a video download presentation that includes Narration by Aaron Hammond.  It’s a full Course with vital information on planning and developing your individual talents. There are no sales pitches for other materials in the Course and the Course does not cover any information on Tools of the Trade, i.e your resume, headshots and demo reels, how to get an Agent or SAG card.

The download presents you with a systematic strategy with worksheets, examples and statements that you can and will use from Day 1 until you are a successful working Actor.  We are not here to sell you anything, just guide you through some very valuable exercises and realities that will help you decide how you can solely impact your own career and further your own goals, regardless of your current status. While it might be helpful if you live in a major city, such as Los Angeles or New York that has Acting and Performing opportunities, if you live in most areas, there are activities at any level you can benefit from. This Course will show you the way.

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